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Vanna Shir
Healthcare Consultant

San Francisco, CA
December 28, 2002


Oliver and I love going to baseball games together. In 1999 we took a baseball road trip and we drove cross country to see 30 games at 25 Ball Parks.

The nesting dolls give the history of Giants uniforms, beginning with when they started in NY. We got them in Cooperstown at the Baseball Hall of Fame on that trip. There are six dolls in the whole series. The tickets are from this year's World Series at Pacific Bell Park. It was our first World Series. Last time the World Series was in 1989, so we had to wait a long time for the next opportunity. We just moved right across the street from the new Pacific Bell Park, the new home for the Giants. The bobble heads are giveaways at the games for season ticket holders. I chose the bobble head of Willie McCovey, because he has the best bobble and he's a Giants Hall of Famer. There are only three other players who have hit over 600 home runs in a season and we were at the game and saw Barry Bonds hit his 600th home run. The Barry Bonds pin and card are commemorative items of that event.

We got married on Treasure Island and we wanted to give favors to our friends, something that symbolized us, that meant something to us, When they think of us, they think of our shared interest in baseball, especially the Giants. Fhotoballs used to be giveaways at the game, and that's how we got the idea to give them away at our wedding. The company did us a real favor because we only wanted about three hundred balls and they usually produce them for clubs in very large quantities.

And this is my softball glove. Oliver and I got to be good friends playing intramural softball at UC Davis. We still play together on a coed league team once a week. Oliver and I still play catch.

in case:
Barry Bonds souvenir 600th home run commemorative pin and card, 2.5" x 2"
2002 World Series tickets in plastic ticket holder w/2002 lanyard , 7" x 3 '
Three Giants lacquered,wooden, nesting dolls, 3", 3.5", 7" tall
Willie McCovey bobble head doll, glazed, cast ceramic on green base with raised "The Chronicle. Hall of Fame Player" 8" x 3"b base.
Wedding favor, Fhotoball, baseball w/ photograph of Vanna Shir and Oliver Demuth, 6/7/2001
Baseball, caught during batting practice. 2000.
Vanna's softball glove, Dudley, lefty hand glove, black leather with ball caught in the bleachers, color 4x6
under case:
Giants 2001 commemorative Hawaiian shirt edition. San Francisco, California and historic Giants milestones.

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