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Tommy Grueter
9 years old
Archeologist, Geologist & Fourth Grade Student
Brookside School
Allendale, NJ

Jonathan Grueter
10 years old
Archeologist,Geologist and Fifth Grade Student,
Yantacaw School
Nutley, NJ

Camp Grueter, Glenburnie, NY
August 6, 2002


T: The arrow heads were found during the excavation of our driveway. The brown one was the first one I found. I found the Indian hatchet down by our lake path when I was digging out the garden. It is very rare so I showed it to Jon Davis and he said it was an Indian hatchet.

J: The hammer is my uncle Joe's and Tommy's dad's hammer. We use this tool mostly when we dig out the rocks.

T: Most of them are graphite crystals. The shovel is actually a gardening tool but we use it to dig out cool looking objects that are in the ground.

J: I found the railroad spike on the shore of Lake Champlain. I just found it yesterday, that's where I found all the quartz and the graphite and the granite, too. We found the bird's feather today.

I accidentally left my better collection at home. I have all sorts of crystals, minerals and bones. One of my favorites is the two foot amethyst.

J: Most famous rock collections don't have graphite.

...because it is only found in Ticondaroga, NY and five other states.

J: We found the bird's nest on a private island in the lake that has a small chapel. We were exploring and I looked down and there it was. It must have fallen out of a tree.

T & J:
We like collecting and exploring and it's much more fun when we're together.

T: The graphite cave is about twelve feet high and thirty feet in.

J: It used to be filled with rocks and it was blasted out to get the graphite to put in the pencils in Ticondaroga.

T: We collect stamps, coins, bones minerals, crystals and fossils. There is this one cave as wide as this table (3' x3') and you have to crawl through it and there might be buried Indian treasure inside.

J: That's a fact.

In case:
3 arrow heads,brown, 2" x 1.5", notch out of base, gray and orange, 1.5" x 1", fat and arched on one side, gray, 1.25" x .5", polished and flat on one side
1 Indian hatchet, lake rock, 5.25" x 2.5" x 2.5", authenticated by Jon Davis, 2002
1 geologist hammer, 18" x 7"
1 archeologist shovel, 12" x 3.5"
Railroad spike, rusty and bent, 6" x 1.5"
1 Blue Jay feather, 4.25" x 1"
bird's nest, 4" x 3.5"
Granite rock, orange, red and gray, 4" x 3" x 2"
10 pieces, various sizes, of graphite and quartz, from cave off Pulpit Point Road, Ticondaroga
2 pieces Quart from cave off Pulpit Point Road, Ticondaroga

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