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Scherrie DeBord

Greensboro, NC
March 6, 2003


I was a “tom-boy” when I was little and I never liked the girly stuff I got. I secretly coveted the Star Wars toys my brother got. Fifteen years later my brother has allowed me to keep his old Star Wars toys as reparation for the ill treatment of his little sister. I think it was a great deal. Mental trauma is easily wiped away with stuff like this!

I’ve always loved the Star Wars series and though I’m not actively collecting new Star Wars stuff, I see this collection as a representation of my childhood. Other than the increased monetary value they have now, they will always have sentimental value. I would never have given these toys to my brother had it been the other way around!

In case:
Original Star Wars Memorabilia
Luke Skywalker, plastic action figure, with taupe cloth cape, 4” tall, 1983
Yoda, plastic action figure, green body and brown robe, 2”, 1980
Princess Leia Organa, plastic action figure, 3.5” tall, 1977
Greedo, green plastic action figure, 4” tall, 1978
Ewok, plastic action figure, beige, 3”, 1983
Tuscan Raider, Sandpeople, taupe plastic action figure, 3.5” 1981
Lando Calarissian, plastic action figure with mask, 4”, 1982
Princess Leia, plastic action figure, with burgundy outfit with pink plastic coat 3.5”, 1980
Boba Fett, plastic action figure in bounty hunter gear, 4” tall, 1979
Salacious Crumb, Jabba’s pet, seated plastic action figure, 2.25” tall, 1983
Landspeeder, beige and black plastic speed bike, black and tan, 8” long, 3” tall, 1983
Luke Bespin Skywalker, plastic action figure with tan outfit, 4” tall, 1980
Admiral Ackbar, plastic action figure in white uniform, 4” tall, 1982
Chewbaccaa, plastic action figure, brunette Whookie, 4.25”
R2-D2, blue and white plastic action figure, 2.5” tall, 1995
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, metal lunch box, 7x8.5x4, 1980
Ugnaught, plastic action figure grey outfit with purple apron and white tool box, 2.5” tall, 1980
Emperor’s Royal Guard, plastic action figure with red cape, 4”, 1983

C-3PO, gold plated plastic action figure, 4” tall, 1977
Emperor Palpatine, plastic action figure in dark gray robe, 4” tall, 1984

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