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Ruth Summers Mullally
1913 - 2008

My Mother

June 25, 2002
Oakland, CA

I woke up early this morning thinking about what to put in the case and discovered that I've already given most of my treasures to my kids. I was so glad to have the little heart shaped pillow that my mother made when she was just eight years old. During her lifetime she made many beautiful things but this was the first piece that passed inspection with her mother.

My sister Gene's hot chocolate pot
is a Havelin Limoges piece and it reminds me of special occasions with her. She could always make something nice. No one gulped that chocolate. We sat and talked and sipped and enjoyed the moment and the company.

I have invested many dollars in the purchase of raffle tickets and this is the result of my winnings. The little gold frog sitting on the leaf is the ONLY thing I ever won! Maybe it proves that the raffles are a good investment! This is a pretty piece. It's on a handkerchief that my father bought at the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904 to give to my sister Gene long before I was born.

In case:
Porcelain Ch'field Havelin Limoges Chocolate Pot, 10 1/2" purple flowers, green foliage and gold trim on the handle. Excellent condition .
Linen hankie with lace, 1904
Gold lapel pin, leaf shape with leaf pattern and relief gold frog with ruby eyes.


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