w w w . m y v i r t u a l m u s e u m . c o m
Percy Gates
Third Grade Student, Peeler Open School

Greensboro, NC
September 1, 2002


Harry Potter is one of most favorite things I can think of. I really liked how interesting it is and I really liked the adventures of trouble making and Harry versing you-know-who. I liked the Quiditch and and flying lesson and I wish the broom sticks that we have would really fly. That would be fun. I like my wand and I like pretending and I like doing spells and making them up.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. My birthday is in July and my birthstone would be a ruby. There is rock hunting place called Hiddenite. I went there with my first grade class, two years ago. I dug and dug and dug until I found this. It was the third crystal that I found at Hiddenite. This amethyst has a little bit of quartz crystal on it. Amethyst is a not very common gem. It is mainly found in NC and in the east and west part of North America. Everybody says it is a very rare rock, but I have almost twenty crystals, so I think that they’re not very rare in NC. I have a bunch of amethysts together that are inside a geode but I only have half of the geode. Amethyst is the most common birthstone.

To play the drums you have to have drumsticks or wire brushes. I have both and I have a snare drum which I bang on a lot. The wire brushes are a bit softer than the drumsticks. With the drumsticks, you tap the drum, with the wire brushes you scrape them across the drum and tap gently. With the drumsticks you can tap hard or gently. I play the violin, The Book 2 of Suzuki Violin has twelve songs. Book 1 has seventeen songs. I learned Book 1 and I’m in Book 2 and I’ve learned six songs. My favorite song in Book 2 is Long, Long Ago and it has a variation. There’s another one in Book 1 with no variation. I love playing the violin and my practices are fun.

I have a gold medal for swimming. I won it for twenty five breast stroke in the whole city for my age group this year. We got second place in the whole city out of eighteen teams. Our team is called the Friendly Frogs. You go really fast in the water and it feels like you’re flying like on a broom stick in Quiditch matches.

Puppa (in case) is a dog and Binky (held by Percy) ia bear, they are twins These guys are really special to me because they have the same kind of fur, at first, and I got them together, right the second when I was born. A guy who was a friend of my mom and dad’s called Jack, he gave me Puppa. My grandma Penny gave me Binky. They love jumping around my room, especially on my bed. I’ve seen them do it. Every night of my whole life I’ve slept with them.

My baseball is really special because it has autographs on it. I got it signed in RI at the Pawtucket Stadium, McCoy Stadium, by the Pawtucket Red Sox. We call them the Pawsox. This baseball that I got signed is major league.

In case:
Invisibility Cloak, Black and Gold lame’, 3.5’ with neck ties
Lego figures, 1.75” Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Rememberall, .25”, broomstick holder with .75” wheels, 1.25”
Golden Snitch, gold cloth ball, 3” h w/ith2 1.75” white wings
Harry Potter wand, 11.5” brown plastic with multi colored detail buttons and Harry Potter logo Official baseball with autographs, #39 #28
Gold swimming medal, 2” on red, white and blue ribbon
Very rare gem, amethyst, purple, .5”
Stuffed animal, dog named Puppa, originally white
Wooden drumstick, 16”, PRO formance 5A
Plastic page, 8” x 10” with 18 Pokemon trading cards, 2.5” x 3.5”
Violin music sheet, 8.5” x 11” Suzuki Violin School, Long, Long Ago, by T. H. Bayly,with a variation


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