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Pam Chase
Elementary School Teacher
Haddon Heights, New Jersey

July 15, 2002
Glenburnie-on-Lake George, New York
My husband and I had been searching for many years for property on the east shore of Lake George and we settled in Glenburnie.

This one room, cedar log cabin was the first structure on this land, it was built in 1906. The land was formerly owned by Dr. Dunn of Schroon Lake. This was a farm all along here. Harrie E. Thomas camped and hunted along here and married Dr. Dunn's daughter, Hazel. When the hotel was built by Walton in the early 1900's, this property was given by Dr. Dunn to his daughter and son in law, Hazel and Harrie Thomas. They built the cabin. Harrie Thomas provided maintenance service for the community of Glenburnie and kept this ledger as a record of work done each year - labor and materials and the cost to each owner.

The table is a crate covered with logs. People had things shipped up here and often they would save the crate, cover it and use it as camp furniture.

At one point consideration was made to expand the one room cabin, and this small wooden model was crafted. Fortunately these items remained on the premises and provide a wonderful insight into Glenburnie history. Some of the names in the ledger are names of families who still own camps in Glenburnie.

In case:
Ledger, clothbound with recorded information, 1940 - 1944, 12" x 6"
Two pine wood blocks with drawing of windows and cabin detail
Side table, crate covered with half cedar logs

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