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Maurice Richard Horgan
Retired Retail General Manager

June 21, 2002
Modesto, CA


I have no idea when my father's birthday was, all I know is that he died in 1942 at the San Francisco Southern Pacific Hospital at age 49. I assume that he went to work for the Southern Pacific in 1913 when he would have been 20 years old. To the best of my knowledge, my father, Maurice John Horgan had only one job and that was with the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. For most of the time he was a switchman working out of the Oakland yard and during the last years with the SP he was Yard Master.


In case:
Railroad Switchman's Lantern, 11" x 4.5" dia.
Genes Electric Lanteen Company, Kansas City, MO, handle covered w/ black leather
pitted silver metal w/ engraving: M. J. Horgan (Old English font)
Patent: Mar 28 - 22, Mar 11 - 24, Sept 7 - 26, Apr 6 - 26, Dec 21 - 26
inside top, in pencil 5/1 - 36
two levers linked w/ three positions, on, off and flashing
two small round bulbs at the bottom
Framed photograph of M. L. Horgan, no date

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