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Jon H. Davis
Renaissance Man

July 16, 2002
Northern Lights Point, Glenburnie, New York

Because I spent many summers here as a child, I developed an interest in nature and art and history. We're in a historically rich environment here. This is where it all happened, right here in the northeast, "the Key to the Continent." I have many early recollections of visiting Fort Ticonderoga. Years later I found out that there were historical reenactments and I became involved in reenacting. I found it totally captivating. It was like time traveling back into the 18th century. It's very moving to witness the recreation of events so much like they were in the past. The way of life that was both simpler but harder back then. The rewards were rich.

In case:
Tinder box, 3.75" dia x 1.5" high,
Flint and steel to make the spark
Char cloth, to catch the spark and keep it burning.
Tinder, ie birch bark, rope, flax
Fork, bone handle, steel tine, 7"
Spoon, coin silver, 6"
White clay pipe, porcelain, 8.25"
Mug, King George V replica, 4", gray shiny glaze with blue initials
Ring adjustable dial time piece, 2.5" x 2.5", brass
Ink well, white glazed porcelain w/ turkey feather quill pen
Spade fragment, rusted steel, 7.25" x 5" wide , 1750's
mortar fragment, 5" x 3" x 1.5" thick, from 17" mortar round, mid 1700's. most likely from the French & Indian War
3 - 75 caliber musket balls, two flattened, one round
Quartz crystal, 3.25" x 1.25"
18th century embroidery, 12" x 12", peacock feather design,
Costume of un Courier de Bois:
Hunting frock, tan canvas w/woven sash, gold, green and gold
Sheep skin leggings with woven red, black and gold garter sashes
Trade beads, wampum, made of bone.
Two necklaces. white and white and purple
Knife w/ bone handle,4" blade, in leather sheaf with neck strap
Officers gorget, brass with leather neck strap, 5.5"
Possibles Bag, leather with leather shoulder strap
Powder horn, cow horn with leather thong strap
Large hunting knife in leather sheaf, 10" blade, 5" tiger maple handle
Basswood drum with deer hide with wooden hide covered drum stick with feather
Flint lock pistol, 16" steel, brass and walnut
harleville musket, flint lock, steel and walnut, 5"

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