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Jeffrey Richardson Power
Stock Broker & Golfer

August 3, 2002
Cohasset, MA

I have no idea where I got it, the little clock. Presumably it has been in the family a long time and it was there to hang your watch on. You would take your watch out and hang it on a hook and you could still tell time with it. Inside the clock is a medal that I received for for getting the best net score among my compatriots at Cohasset Golf Club for the older players which I did in 1994. There was a lot of competition for it. The golf ball is my most recent of four holes-in-one. To a golfer it means a lot to get a hole in one. Due to lack of space, I can't put the other three in.

The watch was a graduation from high school present that I received from my uncle, BPR, Benjamin Parker Richardson, in 1941. He in turn had received the watch from my father, his brother-in-law, WFP, Wendell Fales Power, in 1922, upon his graduation from MIT. Hopefully it will be passed on to a worthy successor.

What I like about the paper weight is the lion's attitude toward life. He's calmly looking at things, feels comfortable where he is and I don't know what. He has red eyes because the guy in front of me used to turn around and stick his red pen in his eyes. He certainly is relaxed and comfortable and content with himself.

The pew receipt...(Pew Title from Trinity Church for Jeffery Richardson "Dated in Bofton, the first day of June 1753")... I love the name of the man on there. It was received by Mr. Johnson Jackson. Jeffrey Richardson ran a rope company on the wharf, Rose Wharf or Congress Street Wharf, I don't know which. They had a lottery and he got first choice for positions on the wharf for his business. This receipt was passed down through my mother's family and I'm Jeffrey Richardson Power, so I guess that's how I ended up with it.

In case:
Model, grandfather clock, 14" h, 4" w, 3" d. cherry wood with carved corner columns. glass covered, hand illustrated face with drop down back to remove watch. small side windows. missing top and some wooden detail pieces.
Man's gold Elgin pocket watch with inscription on back: BPR/WFP 1922 JRP/BPR 1941, with brown braided string. white face with black numbers.
Paper weight, cast bronze lion, 2.5"x1.5" on marble base, 4.75" x 2.75" x 1.5"
Pewter medal on red, white and blue grosgrain ribbon lanyard. front: Cohasset Golf Club, 1894. back: Lions and Legends tournament 1994 Buffalo Cup Winner, "Legend" 1.5' dia
Pew Title from Trinity Church for Jeffery Richardson "Dated in Bofton, the first day of June 1753" water stained hand letter press document with notes in ink handwriting. hand written on back: "Title of my pew in Trinity Church. 1774 exchanged #124 for #123 - 125." Framed in black wooden frame, glass both sides to see both sides of document.
Hole-in-one golf ball, Cohasset Golf Club, 1994

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