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Henry Gates
New Garden Friends School, First Grade

August 27, 2002
Greensboro, NC

I don't think you know why I put all those animals in there. It's because I like animals . My most special one is Greymon. His original name is Greymon and he's a Digimon. He transforms into Mega Greymon. He has purple wings in his tail. He has an extra tail and he is very large in the movie. His feet can make the whole world rumble. He digevolves from Augment. He is very strong. He has shiny scales that can reflect the water. His blue stripes are shiny too. His foot prints are as big as a whole house. His eyes are red and white and black. He can attach one of the most biggest great white sharks.

Golum, when he is half buried he looks like a rock.
He is actually a bolder. He eats maga-carp. He has the same kind of eyes as Greymon. Brachy is the biggest and tallest dinosaur on the whole entire earth. His foot print can be the size of a school. He eats plants, ferns, cactuses, leaves from willows, very tall. He is very powerful.

The Bald Eagle is the national bird.

Animals are important because if animals weren't on earth and there were just things like houses and sports,
I would like animals around. I have pets. Two lizards, my cat, Betsy, Percy's fish and that's all.

In case:
Digimon, 6" long, blue stripes, brown helmet, his chest is very light orange
Gloom, 3", green scored shell, with tan legs, arms and head
Dinosaur, a Brachiosaurus, 17Ó tip of snout to tip of tail, 13" high, green and light green
Chinese Dragon, 2.5" x 3", carved wooden figure, brown
Bald Eagle, 13" wingspan , 5" long body, made of painted rubber with elastic string for
Wholly Rhinoceros, with two horns, cast resin, made in China, 7"
White Polar Bear figure, 3" long with black nose
Zebra figure, 4"x 3.75"
Mufasa, figure from the Lion King, 4" x 4"
2 wooden blocks 2.5", made from a tree
Great white shark, 10", painted rubber figure
Brown dragon with wings and fiery red eyes, 9"
Mossasauus 7", plastic Lego sea monster, with extra upper red jaw.

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