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Gloria Andrejko
Retired Banker, Mother, Grandmother and Homemaker
Burnt Hills, New York

July 11, 2002
Glenburnie-on-Lake George, New York


I love the way this smells when you take it out of the cedar chest. In fact I can still smell the baby in it. In fact, it brings tears to my eyes when I think of it. Thirteen babies so far! My three, my sister's three, my cousin's two, my two grandchildren and my sister's two grandchildren. Oh, it's twelve! My sister and I were orphaned and we were raised with my cousin so we're all very close.

My sister
was the godmother for our first child, and so the tradition was that the godmother provided the christening gown for the child. A year later my sister had her first child, and so we used the gown again. Then we went back and forth. Each time I had a child, my sister had a child or my cousin. It went back and forth. Now the grandchildren are using the gown. And I hope that they'll want to use it for their children. It's 42 years old now. Our son Bill was the first baby.

In case:
Christening gown, white nylon chiffon, satin slip, lace trim 2.5"
puffed lace trimmed sleeves
Lace trimmed satin bonnet w/ satin ribbon tie

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