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Fritz Janschka

Greensboro, NC
September 27, 2002

The history of this box; I bought it in a local antique shop and it was painted with oil paint and grapes with bright colors, "antiqued." Porter recognized it as a fake right away. She said that doesn't go anywhere in this house. So I put it aside like I do with many things and waited for the right moment. When our anniversary was approaching, the moment was there. I scraped off as much as I could and used some end paper that Porter had made to cover the inside after I had sprayed the whole box with dull silver. Silver Anniversary! But since this wasn't enough, I began to assemble photographs of our life together from the blooming love affair to the ripe old age. This silver rose is very significant because we both love the opera of Richard Strauss, Der Rosenkavalier. The main point is the presentation of the silver rose which is sent by a messenger in declaration of an engagement. We saw that opera at least twenty times, almost one performance for each year we're married.

In case:
Silver wedding anniversary alter piece, 9.7" x 8.5", silver painted wood with 2 doors and one drawer, silver painted plastic rose and brass fittings. Inside, hand made end paper covers inside and back of box.
images include of our first meeting, several different occasions and ages
in the drawer, Abbey and her friends, Whisker, Popunder and Willie

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