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Elizabeth Summers Feeser
with Ben & Elsie

Internal Auditor

Mechanicsburg, PA
August 10, 2002

After Mother* died we would all go over to clean and go through things, separately at times, and it turns out that each one of us would take the eggs out of the refrigerator to throw them out and think, no, not yet. They have Mother's handwriting on them, when she boiled them. They were for the Fourth of July family picnic, she always did the deviled eggs, that was her thing. After her death we found these extras. They're fossilized by now! I think the metal basket is from one of her early refrigerators.

It's kind of interesting, she had four children. After she died, (July 28, 2001) many of the friends we spoke with mentioned how proud she was of her kids. And that they were all close by. The four eggs seem symbolic of the four of us. And with four eggs it didn't seem right to throw them out, so ...
I know Mother would be horrified to know that we're remembering her with these eggs when she left us so many beautiful things.

*Dorothy Morgan Summers, 1909 - 2001

In case:
4 Hard boiled eggs with pencil markings.
HB 7-3-01
HB 7-3-01
HB 7-19

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