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Edna Chan
Homemaker & Volunteer

December 28, 2002
Oakland, CA


We went to LA after Albert and I were married to visit Kaijai, my God sister, and we bought all of these things in an Oriental store. (1948) I bought the smiling figure because I liked his smile and later on I heard him described as folk art and I wrote down the name. He has long ears and that means he has long life. Maybe he's carrying something for long life, fruit and things. He's not a peasant because of his long pants and long robe. A peasant would have a queue. His hair is (topknots) It's a beautiful color, celadon. He's not a scholar. He would be carrying books or a scroll. I got the flower at the same place.

The Chinese water pipe is more like one for a woman. This one is a miniature. It is too small to ever be used. It says "life". To Chinese life is very important. I've seen the ladies do it. Here is a place for the matches. Here is a cover that you take off. This is so old, a long time ago. The real one would be twice as big. Somebody gave me the little Chinese lantern, they sent it to me. A Fu dog the little vase was given to me by the Luke family, long time friends of more than sixty years. I went to college with Marie in 1931 or 32 in Redlands.

in case:
Smiling folk art figure, 9.5"x2.5"x2.5"
Celadon glazed ceramic flower boat with built in frog, 8x3x1.5 with sprig of Heavenly Bamboo
6"x2"x.75" brass miniature water pipe Chines w/ tweezers, tobacco compartment, water compartment, w/ chain
Small satin, sequins and embroidery orange dog ornament
chinese lantern ornament w/ beads and tassels, fabric and metal,2x3x1.5"
vase, 3x3x3.75" blue and white ceramic, from Thailand w/ daisies.

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