w w w . m y v i r t u a l m u s e u m . c o m
Edith Potter
Pianist and Teacher
Winston-Salem, NC

May 11, 2002
Stoots Mountain, VA

I first thought of Bach because whatever I believe about God is in that music. The piece that came to mind is a setting for piano of one of the chorales, very Protestant, of course, played by the great Jewish pianist, Vladimir Horowitz. I think this music transcends all religion. I couldn't find the music in Winston so I asked my niece, a fine flutist, to look in Philadelphia, where of course, Curtis* could get it for me.

Lee and I were in Venice outside Saint Mark's Cathedral and heard the opening notes of the organ prelude in B minor and headed right inside, in that fabulous setting. To us it represents universality. Bach you can play on a kazoo and it is marvelous


The Savior of the heathen now comes,
He who is known as the Child of the Virgin!
All the world wonders that
God should ordain such a birth.

From the Latin of his holiness Ambrosius (Martin) Luther, 1532

* Curtis Institute of Music

in case:
Chorale Prelude: The Saviour of the Heathen now Comes, J.S. Bach (BWV 659a)
©1932, 1960 Bote & Bock, Berlin
black pastic, electric metronome


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