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Edna Chan
91 years

Terry Lim
59 years
Graphic Designer

Joy Lim

33 years
Interior Architect

December 28, 2002
Oakland, CA

Edna: We have a very loving, caring family. That's the magic. Joy, no matter where she goes she always sends me cards and keeps in touch. Terry too.

Terry: These artifacts are Christmas momentos that were made by my mother, myself and my daughter. My mother "made" the letter from Santa. It's an illustrated form letter, postmarked Downey, CA. Edna saved the artifacts that my memories are attached to. I made the toothpick star, and the two mother and child objects, the ceramic figure and "stained glass" piece.

I've continued the collection of momentos
by saving holiday decorations, like the paper mittens, that my own children have created. One of the appealing aspects of Christmas is the bond between mother and child, so I wanted to have the three of us photographed together-two mothers and two children! The fir branch is from my first Christmas tree for baby Ana, Edna's greatgrandchild. She'll make something too when she gets older.

Joy: It feels good to be part of a line of strong independent women. Women who are instrumental in the foundation of a good home. When I made the ornament (with the houses on it) I must have been thinking about my childhood home because ours was always very important
to me. There is definitely a connection beween the experience of growing up in that house and my current interest in creating liveable spaces.

In case:
Toothpick Styrofoam Christmas star, circa Oakland Brownie Troop 222, 5"
Mother and Child, glazed ceramic figure,4.5", 1958
16" resin and rattan, Mother and Child stained glass piece, 1965
Santa letter, postmarked December 3, 1946, envelope w/ address: Miss Terry Chu, 7.5"x4"
Colored construction paper pair of mittens, with house detail,
tree ornament, by Joy Lim, 1975
Frazier fir branch, 2002 Christmas tree, 15"

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