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Barbara M. Power

Cohasset, MA
August, 1, 2002


I chose to put these objects in because I thought that they created an interesting artistic arrangement and they were all objects important to me at some period in my life. The only object of any significant historical interest is a book given to me by Robert Frost when I was ten years old. He and my father worked together at the Bread Loaf Writers Conference where softball was a very important recreational activity and I was on Mr. Frost's team. Upon reflection I've come to realize that this book also represents how lucky I was to spend my childhood in the Middlebury/Ripton area.

I treasure the basket that I made in a class with a skilled retired fisherman from Nantucket. He would come over from Nantucket once a week and we would work on our own in between our classes. We met for three weeks and in the end we not only had a basket but also a unique understanding of the soul of the dedicated hand craftsman.

The new Cohasset Library represents an interesting experience in working as a group. The conceptualization, the plan, and now the building represent the realization of our original idea. But the important factor is that so many people, working together ultimately will bring it all to fruition--not only our original concepts, but the visualization of the entire town over a seven year period.

My most precious possession is the bracelet presented to me by my three children, inscribed with the names and the dates of birth of each of my six grandchildren. It is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but it serves as a handy reference when I forget the grandchildren's birthdays.

The bronze vase is included to symbolizes my interest in horticulture
and floriculture in as much as I was not allowed to include a branch of my beautiful Heptacodium in bloom.

n case:
Come In and Other Poems by Robert Frost. Selection, biographical introduction and commentary by Louis Untermeyer, Illustrated by John O'Hara Cosgrove II, Henry Holt & Company 1943. with original dust jacket
Authors inscription: Robert Frost Bread Loaf, Vermont 1943 "For Barbara Brown whose father runs the Bread Loaf Conference with us."
Nantucket basket with bent wood handle, wooden base and white bone fittings made by Barbara M. Power, 1985, scrimshaw label in bottom, BPM 1985, dia. 8.5" x 7" high, handle 7"
Cohasset Library brochure, A new chapter opens in Cohasset Library History. Architectural renderings, donor information and donor envelope, 5" x 8"
Gold Grandmother's bracelet. Six gold circles with birth date inscriptions of each grandchild and connecting gold links and clasp.
Bronze vase, 12" including handle. With basket weave pattern and diamond shaped opening of vessel. Made in Japan

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