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Anni Schulkin
Homemaker and Teacher

Santa Rosa, CA
June 22, 2002

In 1970 I went on a trip to Ireland with my parents and sister. We went to our ancestral home, Chute Hall in County Cork, I believe. We met the owner, Mr. Hickey, and after he asked some probing questions about our lineage, he determined that we were authentic Chutes and he gave us this unique Majolica pitcher! When his family bought the house in 1923 from Dick Chute, my dad's uncle, this item had been left behind. He'd been looking for the rightful owners all those years! My mom gave it to me around 1995, and a few years ago she sent me an article on Majolica that discussed it's value. It's the only remembrance the family has of Chute Hall. We were there in August and the following St. Patrick's Day an envelope arrived from Mr. Hickey with sod and clover. That was nice, it was supposed to bring us luck.

The embroidered linen napkin was my grandmother's, Edith Chute. She loved to entertain and the liquor flowed freely. I think she probably did these, don't you think?

The pearl and amethyst necklace belonged to my great aunt Ida who was my favorite aunt. I loved to spend the night at her house and pick blackberries in her backyard. She died when I was very young. She gave this necklace to my mother and my mother just gave it to me. My mother always looks so nice in purple and so she always looked great wearing the necklace.

in case:
Majolica pitcher with owl design 5" tall
Gold necklace with pearls and amethyst, antique chain
Linen napkin with embroidery, flower and leaves

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