w w w . m y v i r t u a l m u s e u m . c o m

Amy Schulkin
Sophomore, University of California, Davis

Santa Rosa, CA
June 23, 2002

The jersey is from my volleyball season from senior year of high school. It was a good season, we did really well, and I have some great memories from our games. Some of my closest friends were on the team with me, friends that I know I will keep in touch with for the rest
of my life. This jersey symbolizes the culmination of my years of volleyball since 8th grade, my accomplishments, and my love for the sport.

The first CD is titled, "Where you at?" and was given to me as a graduation present from my older brother, Brent. The themes of the songs trace high school to leaving
home for college, and coming back again. He also put songs by Blink 182 on the CD, which were the same
songs he was listening to the night he left for college, driving alone in his car, feeling sad and anxious. That
CD has been a comfort to me through my college
experiences. The other CD is called "End of Freshman
Year Mix" and was given to me by my good friend Evan who lived on my floor in the dorm at Davis. He gave the same CD to a lot of our friends on the floor and told us to listen to it as we drove home from college for the summer. I love it because it reminds me that we shared the crazy experiences of freshman year together. Both CDs will always remind me of the strange transition of college life and how it has changed me as a person.

My grandmother, Jean Chute, gave me the pearl necklace when I was five years old, when it only had a single pearl on it. Every year since then she has added a pearl for my birthday and a pearl for Christmas. Now I have a total of 27 pearls. The necklace reminds me of the connection I feel with her and it will always stay with me, even when she is gone.

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